Frequently asked questions

Below are a few of the regular questions we get asked about our services.

I'm new to being a business owner, can you help me set up all the necessary books I need?

Absolutely we can. We can help you get set up for bookkeeping and accounting as well as many other facets of running your own small business.

My books are seriously messed up. Can you help me get them in order and keep them that way?

We come across this dilemma quite often. No problem, we'll sort through the mess and rescue your bookkeeping for you.

I like to do some of my own bookkeeping but just don't have the knowledge or time for it all. Are you open to handling the stuff I can't?

Sure. Several of our clients like to retain things like payroll or paying creditors. We are happy to work in with you.

I don't have a big budget for bookkeeping. Can I engage your services for a set amount of time each week?

Yes. We are happy to do a limited amount of hours for you if that's what you require.